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Write a single sentence description of what your company does
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Describe the problem you are solving in 4-5 sentences
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Describe your solution & product in 4-5 sentences
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When did you launch, use quantitative metrics i.e. numbers & percentages  -- if you don’t have metrics yet, describe your progress & achievements in 3-4 single sentence bullet points

Launch date: July 2017
Shoerack has 108 paying customers and $10K in ARR growing 21% MoM.
Market *

What is the total size of your market? How much do people spend per annum on the product or service in the geographies you are going after?

Quantify this in dollars i.e. $XXBn, if you can add sources that would be great

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How do you make or intend to make money? What’s your business model?
What does your average monthly revenue look like?
How much do you spend on an average monthly?
Team *

Write brief bios about all founders -- again keeping it between 3-4 sentences.

e.g. Richard Hendriks, Co-founder and CEO of Pied Piper. Formerly worked as a backend developer for Hooli. Has a degree in Computer science from Stanford and a background in machine learning
Equity *

How is equity split between the founders
Why are you the best team to solve this problem/execute this solution *

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